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Tom Abbs & Frequency Response - Lost and Found

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In his third outing leading the Frequency Response group, Tom Abbs (Yuganaut, Cooper-Moore's Triptych Myth, Andrew Lamb Trio) takes you through a mesmerizing mix of free-jazz, groove, third wave and noise. From the heart wrenching title track "Lost," which congers the spirit of Albert Alyer, to the Afro-rhythms and pentatonic melodies of the title track "Found," the music flows from one spectrum to another with ease. Harnessing the power of percussionist Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground, Mark Ribot's Spiritual Unity Band), violinist Jean Cook (Gena Rowlands Band, Ida), and reed man Brian Settles (Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up), Abbs' haunting compositions will pull at your heart strings and make you want to dance.

Frequency Reponse's first record "Conscription" is available from CIMP records and its second (a double CD/DVD) "The Animated Adventure of Knox" is available from 482 Music.


Tom Abbs – bass, cello, tuba, compositions
Brian Settles – tenor & soprano sax, flute
Jean Cook  – violin
Chad Taylor – drums

Track Listing

1. Lost
2. Static
3. Torn
4. Suspect
5. Lock
6. Tidal
7. Parse
8. Consolation
9. Bars
10. Box
11. Cross
12. Pin Top
13. Pedestrian
14. Strung
15. Tightrope
16. Missing
17. Found
18. Reflection

Press Quotes

“Abbs is a force of nature on the bass and tuba” - Time Out NY

“Abbs is exceptionally tasteful and supportive” - Peter Nargasak, Chicago Reader

"...filled with atmosphere... the music takes advantage of the group's unusual instrumentation to provide an evocative variety of Free chamber Jazz events... Mr. Abbs' bass and tuba contributions are certainly first-rate. Each separate cut creates a contrasting sound universe that holds listener interest... just listen." — Grego Applegate Edwards, Cadence


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