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Warren Smith - Old News Borrowed Blues

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On Old News Borrowed Blues Warren Smith gathers the Composer’s Workshop Ensemble to explore his aWarpproach to music, which he refers to as ‘a little bit inside, a little bit outside.’  Starting the album out with an energetic big band opener, Lock the Toilet Door, the band follows up with Rivers State Suite, a polyrhythmic multi-segment tone poem inspired by a trip to Nigeria.  The Hungarian Gypsy Song features a haunting melody on soprano sax with tasteful backup from the rest of the band.   After another more traditional big band number, One More Lick for Harold Vick, the album closes with the sprawling avant Free Forms 1-4, a less structured open piece with intro bass work, a over the top baritone sax solo followed by solos from other horns and vibes, and a closing poem read by Warren Smith.


John Carlton – Trumpet/flugelhorn
Cecil Bridgewater – Trumpet/flugelhorn
Joe Daley – Euphonium
Jack Jeffers – Bass trombone
Craig Rivers – Soprano Sax
James Stewart – Tenor Sax
Douglas Yates – Alto Sax
Andrew Lamb – Tenor Sax soloist on Rivers State Suite
Claire Daly–Baritone Sax
Jeribu Shahid – Bass violin
Yoham ‘chiqui’ Ortiz – Guitar
Elusegun Sangofemi – African percussion
Jose Abreu – African percussion
Lloyd Haber – Drums/vibraphone/percussion
Warren Smith – Drums/vibraphone/percussion

Track Listing

1. Lock the Toilet Door
2. Rivers State Suite 1
3. Rivers State Suite 2
4. Rivers State Suite 3
5. The Hungarian Gypsy Song
6. One More Lick for Harold Vick
7. Free Forms 1
8. Free Forms 2
9. Free Forms 3
10. Free Forms 4

Press Quotes

“This tasteful and disciplined New York based drummer and percussionist has a long history of pitching in on various masterworks, from the recordings of soul queen Aretha Franklin to the avant-garde saxophone maverick and fascinating composer Sam Rivers.” – All Music

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