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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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The Albert Ayler Story

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68 tracks and E-booklet

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Albert Ayler, one of the most controversial and polarizing musicians in the history of jazz, was accused of not being able to play his instrument, so radically did he reboot the whole idea of jazz saxophone and jazz improvisation. This set chronologically examines his career with music and artist interviews explaining what took place during historically important recording sessions and concerts. The many musical recordings here include, among other sources, at least one track from each of Ayler's ESP-Disk' albums.

Press Quotes:
"Ayler has probably, next to Coltrane and Cecil Taylor, held the most sway on the direction of improvisation from a "thematic" or "phrase-based" approach to that of a purely sonic one." - Clifford Allen, All About Jazz

"A Salvation Army band on LSD." – Dan Morgenstern, Down Beat

"Tonally, Albert's horn was the closest a saxophone ever came to resembling the soaring feedback of psychedelic guitarists Jimi Hendrix or John Cippolina of Quicksilver Messenger Service and brings to mind pure electronic sound waves as produced by the Theremin." – John Kruth, Signal to Noise

Track Listing:
1. Albert Ayler: Early Childhood/The Army 1960, Part 1
2. "Tenderly" - U.S. Army 76th Adjutant General's Band
3. Albert Ayler: The Army 1960, Part 2/Sweden 1962, Part 1
4. "Summertime" - Herbert Katz Quintet
5. Albert Ayler: Sweden, Part 2
6. Sunny Murray: Europe 1962/Cecil Taylor, Part 1
7. "Four": Albert Ayler solo section - Cecil Taylor Quintet
8. Sunny Murray: Cecil Taylor, Part 2
9. Albert Ayler: Playing with the Candy Greene Band 1962
10. Bernard Stollman: The Cellar Café 6-14-64
11. "Spirits" - Albert Ayler Trio
12. Bernard Stollman: Meeting Albert Ayler/Spiritual Unity
13. "Ghosts (First Variation)" - Albert Ayler Trio
14. Bernard Stollman: Spiritual Unity, Part 2
15. Albert Ayler: After the Spiritual Unity recording
16. Milford Graves: The New Black Music
17. Milford Graves: Bernard Stollman and ESP-Disk’
18. Bernard Stollman: Michael Snow/Film: Walking Woman
19. "I.T.T." - Albert Ayler Sextet
20. Sunny Murray: Explains the film Walking Woman
21. Don Cherry: Meeting Albert Ayler
22. Albert Ayler: Ollie Vestegard/Denmark 9-30-64
23. "Vibrations" - Albert Ayler Quartet
24. Albert Ayler: John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy
25. "Ghosts" - Albert Ayler Quartet
26. Don Cherry: Seeing Albert Ayler in 1964
27. Bernard Stollman: Meeting Don Cherry and Albert Ayler
28. Albert Ayler: Sympathy for Sunny Murray
29. Milford Graves: Hanging out with Albert
30. Albert Ayler: Adding His Brother Donald to the Group
31. Bernard Stollman: The Town Hall Concert/Bells, Part 1
32. "Bells" (excerpt) - Albert Ayler Quintet
33. Bernard Stollman: Bells, Part 2
34. Milford Graves: The Town Hall Concert
35. Bernard Stollman: Spirits Rejoice, Part 1
36. "Spirits Rejoice" - Albert Ayler Septet
37. Bernard Stollman: Spirits Rejoice, Part 2/Play a Short Tune
38. "Holy Family" - Albert Ayler Septet
39. Bernard Stollman: Spirits Rejoice, Part 3
40. Bernard Stollman: Albert Ayler Introduces Patty Waters
41. Bernard Stollman: Albert Ayler Live at Slug’s Saloon
42. "Truth Is Marching In" - Albert Ayler Quintet
43. Burton Greene: Albert Ayler Playing with Burton Greene
44. untitled - Burton Greene Collective
45. Burton Greene: Albert Ayler Playing with Burton Greene 2
46. Milford Graves: Albert’s Sound
47. Albert Ayler: Playing in Clubs
48. Sunny Murray: Musicians and Magic
49. Albert Ayler: Music and the Creator
50. Albert Ayler: Performing with John Coltrane/Drummers
51. "Zion Hill" - Albert Ayler Quintet plus Frank Wright
52. Andrew Cyrille: Being Possessed by the Music
53. Albert Ayler: Michel Sampson and Bill Folwell
54. Burton Greene: Ayler Live at Newport/George Wein
55. "Our Prayer" - Albert Ayler Quintet
56. Albert Ayler: The Passing of John Coltrane
57. "Love Cry/Truth Is Marching In/Our Prayer" - Albert Ayler
58. Albert Ayler: Signing with Impulse Records
59. Bernard Stollman: The Fondation Maeght Concert, Part 1
60. "Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe" - Albert Ayler
61. Bernard Stollman: The Fondation Maeght Concert, Part 2
62. Albert Ayler: The Fondation Maeght Concert
63. Bernard Stollman: The Fondation Maeght Concert, Part 3
64. Sunny Murray: Condolences for Albert Ayler
65. Milford Graves: What He Misses About Albert Ayler
66. Don Cherry: Condolences for Albert Ayler
67. "Vibrations" AKA [tune Q]2- Albert Ayler Quartet
68. "End Theme: Spirits" - Albert Ayler Quartet
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