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ESP 4060

Sun Ra - College Tour Volume One: The Complete Nothing Is...
ESP 4060

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320 kps MP3 DRM Free
Double CD
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In digipak with liner notes
remastered from the original tapes
New material never released!
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ESP 1009
ESP 1009
Bob James

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In 1966 Bernard Stollman put together a multi-artist tour of five New York colleges and sent audio engineer David B. Jones on the road with it. When they returned, just 39 minutes of music was chosen to be released as the original Sun Ra LP Nothing Is... (ESP1045). Forty-four years later, after extensive research, Sun Ra archivist Michael D. Anderson pieced together some missing parts of the New York College Tour. Recorded on May 18th 1966 at St. Lawrence University in Potsdam, NY, this illuminating document represents the full 70-minute first set, from which Nothing Is... was taken, including an introduction by ESP artist Burton Greene. In addition, Anderson uncovered a partial second set from the same evening and some rare rehearsal footage recorded during a sound check before the concert. With over 90 minutes of additional material, this two-disc set allows a close-up look at the band's repertoire and sound over an entire evening, including the rarely performed "State Street" and alternate versions of "Theme of the Stargazers" and "The Second Stop Is Jupiter." Remastered from the original tapes and presented in superb quality, College Tour Volume One is a vivid snapshot of the mid-Sixties Ra and his intergalactic band.


Sun Ra: piano
John Gilmore: tenor sax
Marshall Allen: alto sax
Pat Patrick: baritone sax
Robert Cummings: baritone clarinet
Teddy Nance: trombone
Ali Hassan: trombone
Clifford Jarvis: drums
Ronnie Boykins: bass, tuba
James Jackson: log drum, flute
Carl Nimrod: sun horn, gong

Track Listing

Disk One
1. Burton Green Introduction
2. Sun Ra And His Band From Outer Space
3. The Shadow World  
4. Interpolation  
5. The Satellites Are Spinning  
6. Advice to Medics  
7. Velvet  
8. Space Aura  
9. The Exotic Forest  
10. Theme of the Star Gazers  
11. Outer Space Ways Incorporated  
12. Dancing Shadows  
13. Imagination  
14. The Second Stop Is Jupiter  
15. The Next Stop Mars  
Disk Two
1. The Satellites Are Spinning  
2. Velvet  
3. Interplanetary Chaos  
4. Theme of the Star Gazers #2  
5. The Second Stop Is Jupiter #2  
6. We Travel the Spaceways  
7. Nothing Is  
8. Is Is Eternal  
9. State Street  
10. The Exotic Forest #2  

Press Quotes

"The vitality that made this music invigorating and challenging is as palpable today as it was almost forty years ago." - Jerry D'Souza, All About Jazz

"...the band takes its bouncy postwar songbook and transforms it with a fierce and expansive concentration...." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"The closing moments of CD 2 are given to a breathtaking version of 'The Exotic Forest,' which smoulders quietly as it breathes like fire and song all rolled into one. Although the song never veers too far from the Pan-Africanism that Ra also stood for, it swings seductively and is almost like a dirge like chant (although no voices are heard).... It also bears out pianist Thelonious Monk's classic defence of Ra music, when it was chided for being too far out: 'Yeah,' said Monk, 'but it swings.'" - Raul d'Gama Rose, All About Jazz



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