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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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TSIGOTI - Private Poverty Speaks to the People of the Party
ESP 4053

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ESP-Disk is proud to announce its newest artist, Tsigoti, an international band combining revolutionary politics and intelligent semi-acoustic avant-punk fervor. 'Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party' was recorded with a group of players that have run the gauntlet of life experience and musical explorations and you can hear it in the vitality and urgency of the music. 'Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party' still holds the same raw improvisational qualities of their debut recording, 'The Brutal Reality of Modern Brutality' (Edgetone Records). Straying from the typical notion of political commentary, Tsigoti delivers a clever, experimental, driving, AND fun accessible work of art that is true to the ESP mission: forward thinking and forever changing.


Thollem McDonas - Beat-up Piano, Vocals
Andy Cap - Drums, Backing Vocals
Ben Itchy- Electric Bass, Backing Vocals
Jack Andrews - Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals

Plus Guests Edoardo Ricci, Samuele Venturin, Francesco di Mauro, and a choir of a dozen friends.

Upcoming Live Dates


Track Listing

1. With A Mirror And A Magnifying Glass
2. Children Slaves Make Childrens Toys
3. They Make Them For They
4. Conformist Freedom, Reactionary Tourist
5. This Is A Simplified Response... 2:17
6. The Sickofwar Traine 3:48
7. (Yes) The Border Crossed Us 3:29
8. (We) Would You If You Could? 3:54
9. (Can) Don't Sleep Through This 2:17
10. (We?) This Is The Days Of Your Life 2:46
11. I May Not Get There With You. 2:31
12. Dust To People To Ashes 3:13
13. Everybody Settle Down, 1:39
14. This Is How It Is: 2:44
15. Everything Is Easy 4:24
16. But The Sun Don't Wait. 2:27



TSIGOTI's "The Sickofwar Train" was included in The Wire's 2010 comilation The Wire Tapper 23.
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"The customary digital riddles characterizing the genius of this master pianist are all but forgotten here, for this sounds more as a semi-acoustic punk album. Beaten-up instruments, muttered vocals, rhythms and keys often disrespected; the exclusive wish is crying out loud that 'we can’t do this to ourselves anymore', as per one of the tracks titles. When we compare the fusion of these sensations to a sort of feverish pagan ritual and listen to this set with the same attitude of, say, looking at a shaman dressed like a young Joe Strummer, the honesty of intentions begins to clash (pun definitely intended) with our previous ideas pretty hard. Bizarrely frank stuff. - Massimo Ricci, TouchingExtremes, Italy

"Thollem Sickofwar revs up his beatup piano and throws down on war. The results are edgy, uneven and sometimes disquieting. All in all, a rollicking success." - J. Worley, Aiding & Abetting


video by Tuia Cherici (more)



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