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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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Frank Wright - Unity
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To devoted avant jazz fans in the US and Europe during the seventies, Frank Wright was known as the Reverend Frank Wright, a title of veneration universally bestowed upon the saxaphonist by his peers in recognition of his spiritual approach to music, as well as his fervent style of improvisation.

The music here is compelling in its honesty and intensity. Opening with a ringing bell, as if to signal the start of a sacred ritual, Ali and Silva lay down a deep rhythmic groove to begin the piece...The music the band played that June night in Moers is indeed, as the best of jazz always is, a unified expression of each of the players' own distinctive voices. Wright, an egoless leader, allows plenty of space for his sidemen to be themselves. Ali's drumming is particularly noteworthy, not only for its propulsive strength, but also for his intelligent use of repeasted musical motifs.


Frank Wright - Tenor Saxophone
Alan Silva - Bass
Bobby Few - Piano
Muhammad Ali - Drums

Track Listing

1. Unity Part I
2. Unity Part II

Syndicore Music (BMI)


RecordedJune 1st, 1974, Moers Festival
Back & Front cover layout & design by Paul Costuros


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