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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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Complete 2009 New Release Package
2009 New Pack

New Release Package
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2009 Reissue Pack
Complete 2009
CD Reissue Pack

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2009 Vinyl Pack
Complete 2009
Vinyl Pack

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Press Quotes

ESP 4052 - Flow Trio - Rejuvenation
"Even when the music increases in density, mallets ricocheting off hot tenor walls, the pace is very natural, almost restive. Morris’ writing and choice of compatriots give a sense of directed motion to sound, reasserting the notion of swing as tension between actual and implied." - Clifford Allen

ESP 4053 - Naked Future - Gigantomachia
"This is a mesmeric improvisational endeavor, rendered by four like-minded instrumentalists. Here, de Dionyso and pianist Thollem McDonas alternate antagonistic roles. With power-packed ostinatos and numerous metrics and slants, the quartet cycles through high-impact works that incorporates shifting tides and frenetic soloing jaunts. Moreover, Greg Skloff’s amplified acoustic bass transmits an ominous and steely edge, where his broad and prominent sound, coupled with John Niekrasz’ assertive drumming, casts a colossal bottom-end." - Glenn Astarita

ESP 4055 - Talibam! - Boogie in the Breeze Blocks
"...a swirlwind of Zappa, Boredoms, Sabbath, Dragnet and more...It's total fun, and they manage to jam out manic ideas long enough, at times, to develop surprising grooves."
- Signal To Noise

ESP 4056 - Joe Morris - Colorfield
"Guitarist Joe Morris lets his inspiration flow with Steve Lantner on piano, while drummer Luther Gray rattles and rummages at the kit. The title peers back to painterly abstract expressionism, which in part inspired the project. Static objects of contemplation are not really in Morris's line. These four improvisations let the colours run, shapes morph, layers slide and textures ruffle." - The Wire



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