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ESP 1019

A Musical Play By Jean Erdman - The Coach With The Six Insides
ESP 1019

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Jean Erdman, choreographer and wife of the late Joseph Campbell, the leading authority on James Joyce, adapted FINNEGAN'S WAKE into a musical play, with music by Teiji Ito. The late Leonard Frey, best known as the hapless tailor in stage and film versions of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, was in the cast. It was recorded by Richard L. Alderson. Musicologists, take note.


Anita Dangler, Van Dexter, Leonard Frey, Sheila Roy (actor)
Peter Berry, Genji Ito (performer)
Teiji Ito (comp, performer)
Jean Erdman (dir, choreographer, actor)

Track Listing

1. A Music Play by Jean Erdman (James Joyce)



Press Quotes

"Ito's score is excellent; it combines elements of Irish folk music, non-specifically "ethnic" drumming, traditional Japanese elements, and Western neo-Classicism wound seamlessly together in a fabric that drapes Erdman's play as comfortably as a chiffon robe would drape a dancer. Another interesting fact about it as music is that it appears as though this piece was performed live for this recording -- a departure for Ito as he almost always used tapes for theatrical productions." - Uncle Dave Lewis


Lp, 180 Riverside Drive address.


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