Marion Brown

Why Not?

Alto saxophonist Marion Brown played on John Coltrane's Ascension, and has worked closely with leading figures of the jazz avant-garde, including Sun Ra and Archie Shepp, however, his lyrical, and even tender tone sets him apart from the more strident voices of his musical generation. "Why Not" represents some brilliant early work by Brown, which is both soulful and wildly adventurous. After "Why Not" Brown went on to record over a dozen records as a leader. Included on this outing are the recently passed rhythm team of Norris "Sirone" Jones on bass and Rashied Ali on drums.


Marion Brown (as) 
Stanley Cowell (p) 
Norris "Sirone" Jones (b) 
Rashied Ali (d)

Track Listing

1.La Sorrella2.Fortunato3.Why Not? 4.Homecoming   

NYC, October 23, 1966


Press Quotes

Brilliant early work by Marion Brown -- both soulful and adventurous, less "out" than some of the other ESP albums from the time -- and more in the post-Coltrane spirit of work by Pharoah Sanders and some of the Strata East crowd. The group on the album is a quartet -- with Norris Jones on bass, Stanley Cowell on piano, and Rashied Ali on drums -- and Brown's alto sax glides over the top in a tone that's infused with all the freedoms of the late 60s, yet also steeped in a soulful tradition of expressiveness. - Dusty Groove


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Musicians: Marion Brown / Stanley Cowell / Norris "Sirone" Jones / Rashied Ali

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